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How To Prevent Shin Splints

Shin splints are a common injury affecting the bone or muscle in the lower part of the leg. Also khow to prevent shin splintsnown as tibial stress syndrome, how to prevent shin splintsshin splints aren’t one medical condition, but can describe the pain felt by several injuries. Shin splint pain can be debilitating, therefore finding effective ways of preventing shin splints will ensure that the possibility of pain is minimized.

What Are Shin Splints?

Shin splints are pain in the lower leg, often along the shinbone, or tibia. There are a variety of factors that can cause shin splints, however the pain is almost always the same – dull aching that often occurs during exercise. At times the area can be painful to the touch and extend down into the feet. The pain does not start off intense, but if proper care isn’t taken to treat your splints they can get worse and the pain can get prohibitive. Athletes are most prone to them, although anyone can get them, especially if engaging in more physical activity than usual.  Find out more on the question  what are shin splints here…

What causes a Shin Splint?

Shin splints are most often caused when an athlete increases the intensity of a workout. Runners and athletes playing sports with a lot of sudden starts and stops, such as soccer or basketball, are especially prone. Those who exercise on a restrictive surface such as asphalt or concrete are also at risk for developing shin splints because hard surfaces are higher impact and less giving for the foot and leg muscles.

When shin splints occur during exercise, it is often because the muscles in the lower leg are becoming inflamed from overuse. Shin splint pain can also occur when a person develops tiny, hairline breaks called stress fractures in the lower leg bones. Those who have flat feet are especially susceptible to shin splints because of the way their foot and leg muscles work while running. Those who overpronate, or run with their feet pointed too far inward, are also prime targets for developing shin splints. With overpronation, each step causes the arch of the foot to collapse. This causes the muscles and tendons to stretch and can easily lead to irritation in the lower leg.

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